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Dr.Ekrem Yalçın

Op. Dr. Ekrem YALÇIN was born in Konya/Kulu in 1967. Ekrem YALÇIN, who was originally from Gümüşhane Kelkit high school, has completed his secondary school, high school, and university education in Konya. He graduated from Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine in 1991 andin 2001, he completed his education at Izmir SSK Eğitim. And he completed it at the Research Hospital, received the title of Specialist in Neurosurgery and Neurosurgery. He is the Chief Physician and Assistant Chief Physician at equitable hospitals in Rize, Trabzon, Ankara and Van. he has been employed as a.He has been a member of NGOs, Chairman and Board of Directors in many cities.He is also a project specialist of the European Union. He has worked on more than 400 projects in Rize, Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Malatya, Ankara. Experiences ⦁ January 1991 Malatya Malaria Spring Health Center Medical Center ⦁ January 1993 Konya Kulu Central Health Center Medical Center ⦁ 1995 Izmir SSK Hospital Department of Brain and Neurosurgery Res. The Attendant ⦁ 2000 Deputy Chief Physician and Neurosurgeon/Specialist of Rize SSK Hospital ⦁ 2006 Trabzon Imperial Hospital Neurosurgery Specialist ⦁ 2007 Ankara Nallihan State Hospital Chief Physician, Neurosurgery Specialist ⦁ 2008 Ankara Atat...
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Dr. Ekrem Yalçın